14-15 June 2023 – Amsterdam

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Venue Overview

The Passenger Terminal

Floor plan layout

Panorama Deck

The third floor of the terminal is the Panorama Deck, the smallest deck with a view of the entire terminal. This deck can be used for all kinds of purposes. In combination with the other floors as a workshop space, for stands, lunch or end of drinks.

Promenade Deck

The Promenade deck is a perfect place to combine showcasing products with food and drinks. This u-shaped deck is the second floor of the terminal and is situated as a balcony on the Main Deck. This deck has an amazing view on either side, the highlight of which is a terrace overlooking the river IJ.

Main Deck

A large and efficient area, located on the first floor; Main deck. The rigging possibilities and the efficient form make the use of this deck very flexible. The glass roof and high ceiling of at least 9 meters ensure a spacious and open feeling.